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May 1st


I would like to greet everyone a happy May 1st! Wow, time flies so fast indeed! I never thought we are on the 5th month of the year. We're almost halfway there!

Anyway, a few good things will highlight this month:

  • I will be able to finish my degree this month! We don't have any definite date for the submission but things will be over around second to third week of May.

  • I'm getting a week vacation extension from work due to school stuff. I swear to God I'll finish them all tomorrow!

  • This month is my birth month but I won't say which date!

  • I quit my second job so I can be relax from work. Yey!

Few bad things also:

  • I lost my body figure since I'm very pampered at home and momma's home food is just unavoidable. I love momma's cooking.

  • I am living with a toxic relative but I will living with her for a week and after that, no more!

Kambatte guys! We can do this. And I feel a lot of oppprtunities to come!

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